I hate my job, should I quit my job now?

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First of all, ask yourself why do you want to quit your job, why did you join at the first place and why you want to quit now. Understand the circumstances is halfway of solving your problem. Quitting a job is not easy but if you are really fed up with your situation then you should leave.

But before that, you should analyse some factors why you want to quit your job :

  • You do not get well paid as worth as your ability.
  • You do not get appreciated by your peers or bosses.
  • You do not have challenging tasks at hand.
  • You do not get promoted for very long time.
  • You feel uncomfortable with office environment, too much politics.
  • Long distance travel from office to home and family related problem.

Long distance from office to home is the most common problem, which most of the employees face these days. If you work nearby your place you may perform well, because if you stay nearby you can save more time, money, energy that would be wasted otherwise.

if you think that you cannot handle stress very well, you’re not very skillful/very good at what you are doing, and you only have less than 3 years of experiences. Please don’t. The answer is No. Not right now. Get some learning when you are at home (or not working). Get enrolled in some courses and may be get certain certification. See 3 years is a toddler in IT industry, we have so many 3 years experience people around the globe. While you are free at work, maybe you can learn something at work too. You have got the job which pays you most. Make the most of it, invest in yourself, groom yourself and that can still be attained while being on your job.

If you leave your current job now, you will regret it later trust me since your experience is too less to explore elsewhere and nevertheless, you won’t be paid that much. When you should leave depends on you, you want to leave for money or for something else.You won’t get higher package and/or  the top salary in your area of expertise, it means something else which I would say is best bet to at least have 5+ years of experience before you try something else out leaving this job.

See some people will always be there who have done it at early age but they never had a doubt in their mind and done that. Since you have a doubt, you cannot be considered the same as those few exceptions. Therefore, be realistic.

You can use your time for something creative (build your own project or learn whatever technology your itch wants). 

If you move to another company, you may go into some worse places, having worse colleagues and most importantly – you will have less time for yourself and your family.

On the other hand, becoming freelancer requires huge investment in ‘portfolio building’ just to start taking projects. You will work at nights (the overtime you do not want) and on the top of that, you still will be working for someone else. 

For instance, my background education is in semiconductors electronics.
In the past, I joined a very reputable semiconductor company. I was learning a lot at work. 

One day one of my mangers moved to another company. He respected my knowledge, thus he offered me a position within his team without interview. 
My salary was the highest at that time among other engineers.

After a month I realized something , there was only one product for the company and they fine tuned it for many applications for different customers.
I soon realized that there is not so much work to do. We used to just run very long simulations and play around while waiting for the simulations to be completed.
I was not questioned if I did not inform anyone that I took a vacation.
I was hesitant to move on for the following reasons: the pay is already the highest at that time, I wanted to settle down in my personal life by getting married, purchasing home, etc. My peers were suggesting me to do a low load job so that I can peacefully get married .

Now after 3 years in the company I tried to move on. The result is I am no longer a hot Electronics designer . For the past three years,  I has no development or I did something useful to boost my resume . All in all, I did not get a job ( although, I got many job offers but I still failed at my target dream job interviews ) .

So now, I stepped up, and started working hard. I am doing my own designs ( even if I am not asked to ). Later I present it to several electronics design houses/ companies ( after countless hard working days) . People are now using my work, the whole company’s outlook is changing.

One more thing about companies with stable product is huge internal politics, because there is very little work to do there. My previous work has already been stolen, I don’t care, because I know I want to move on.

The bottom line is don’t get relaxed or comforted because of high salary, less work, and other benefits. If you know that the company is bad for you, move out the first day you realize it.

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