All The Job Interviews You Thought You Failed, You Didn’t, You’re Scammed!

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One of the most disgusting things, some of the large corporation do is posting fake jobs, at the increasing rate. I believe it’s their single biggest evil act. They are not only wasting your time, but importantly they’re wasting your hopes. How do you feel after you receiving hundreds of jobs rejections through out jobs applications? Or failing tens of jobs interviews? Don’t you get to a stage where you start doubting your abilities, doubting your worth? You start thinking that you’re not worthy of getting a single job from these great employers. What happen is as a result of perceived failure you start lowering your hopes and expectation. Studies show that over 90% of the jobs that posted online on big job search websites are not real jobs, but fake jobs. Not only that, over 90% of the job interviews you attended, was also not real jobs interviews, meaning that companies have no intention of hiring you in the first place.

Lets dig deeper into WHY the employers even do that in the first place …

Essentially there are four major reasons why most employers do this. The sad part is although this is the most disgusting practices, once you see the complete background, you will soon understand this does make pure business sense. The worst part is because it does make business sense, they will continue to do it and keep on doing that over and over again. Companies will keep on posting fake jobs and conducting fake interviews, some might be in the greater scales. Let’s get into it.

First of all, the reason why employers post fake jobs is to trick the financial analysts that their companies are doing very well and expanding. So, why do they want to fool them? Because if the financial analysts believe that the companies are expanding, they will sign higher valuation figures and potentially higher price target for their stocks. So, how are they fooling them with fake jobs? Because financial analysts from investment banks and credit grading agencies use these particular data points, the number of vacancies as their overall valuation studies among hundreds of other data points they use for their analysis. So, based on this data, they are able to see if the companies are growing. Is it growing in head counts? So, this particular data point, they can easily manipulate, and the best part is there is no regulations, as compared to financial statements. It is harder to manipulate financial statements, but it will be against the justice law and can be considered as frauds. As a result, companies post hundreds and thousands of fake jobs, in order to create the perception that they are growing. This was mainly dominated by giant corporations with big names, you know them all. However, how about for relatively smaller firms? They do post fake jobs too, but have different reasons for it.

Reason number 2, these smaller firms in the range of 100-1000+ employees, in order to get a major discount in the online job advertisers, such as,, or They normally buy the job advertisement in bulk, just like wholesale discount. By that way, they get discounts up to 80% which is a good deal. If you can estimate how many jobs you’ll need to hire as a HR manager this year based on the previous year estimation, then you will get 80% discount. But, how about if the companies are not doing so well. That means they can no longer grow. Do you think they will let go all of these online job advertisement attentions. The answer is “No”, why?

They just post fake jobs in the way as a branding opportunities. It creates the perception that the companies are still doing very well in the eyes of tens of thousands of millions of people. Because those fake jobs ads are seen by tens of millions of people. As you may know for instance, get half of billions traffic per month. Some of these employers, what they do is once they post all of those fake jobs, then they tie the job posts to the email auto-replies which send out auto rejection emails after certain time passes, such as 2 days and 8 hours. If you don’t believe it, you can actually test it yourself by sending a perfect CV to these employers and see what you get.

Reason number 3, they don’t just post fake jobs, but they also conduct fake interviews. They literally invite you to an interview, even to multiple stages of interviews. The problem is, they have no intention of hiring you as a candidate in the first place. Their whole game plan is they are going to promote a particular internal employee to a higher role. But, they need another candidate, a worse one, to benchmark against. In a way, all they wanted was, just to able to say and justify to VP that “you know what, we did interview all of these qualified people, senior external candidates and spent months, but they were not good as our very own internal employee.” All in all, the internal employee is getting promoted although the companies stated that they have their fair chance opportunities policies for everyone.

Lastly, reason number 4, what do HR and recruiters do? Except doing administration jobs, they are sourcing candidates and interviewing candidates. What happens to these recruiters and HR when the companies are not doing so well? Do you think they will stop their HR related works and start helping out other departments, like marketing, sales and operations? The answer is “No, not at all.” When the company is on hiring freeze state, they are getting fearful of loosing their jobs and wanting to look busy to the other departments. They continue to source CVs and conduct job interviews although there is a hiring freeze. Let say normally they conduct 500 interviews as a HR team for 100 open roles, which is 5 HR interviews per role. So, when the company can’t grow, there would be only 10 open roles instead of 100, and the HR will still conduct 500 job interviews. As a result, they conduct as much as 100 job interviews for one single open role.
By the end of the day, human beings are shellfish, they don’t mind for wasting your time, and your hopes, as long as they can get one more month salary instead of fighting each others as a recruitment team, they conduct as many as job interviews in order to look busy. Therefore, please do not fall victim to these practices. Not all the job interviews that you might think you failed because you were not qualified for the jobs, actually the truth of the story. Because you didn’t, you’re scammed!

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